I’m looking for someone to run this blog as I’m leaving very soon.

Please message me here and be aware that I’m not giving it up to just anyone. You WILL be interviewed. I love this show to much to give this blog to just anyone and my decision will be made with careful consideration.

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Everybody says they hated season 3 and 4 but I loved them! I used to hate Sylar but even though he killed loads of people, when he was generally sorry and lost I just wanted to give him a hug or something. He was just trying to find out how to be a better person, and when Matt hid away his powers and at the end of season 4, that was my favourite Sylar.

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I never really liked Gretchen, she just sort of got in the way and I felt like she was constantly holding Claire back.

As things were shaping up to be (with an emphasis on the last quarter of the series), I find Claire Bennet the more suitable character to be paired up with Sylar. She could be the touchstone Danko mentioned Sylar needing. It is daunting to know my opinion is laughed at in this fandom.

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Although I’ve come to accept that heroes isn’t flawless after season 1, I still love the whole series.

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I was really upset that Micah didn’t get a bigger part in the series after he learnt about his ability. I was quite happy to see him as ‘Rebel’ but after Sylar helped him escape I thought they had missed out on a really big opportunity given Micah’s gift was to control machines; there’s so much they could have done with that!

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I hated Simone, because she played with two wonderful characters and just couldn’t decide. I was really happy when she died.

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I love the whole series, but I think heroes would’ve ended perfectly at the end of season one

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I identify with Claire way too much.

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I may not personally ship Sylaire but I still respect those who do, and can understand their reasons behind shipping them. I just like to think of them becoming friends after “Brave New World” although I could see them ending up together.

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