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I don’t really ship Sylar/Claire, but I think that they would end up together because they’re both immortal.

Noah was almost as bad/ as bad as Sylar. He ruined innocent peoples lives and kidnapped them and ran tests on them.

Season 2 was much a disappointment.

I feel like the writers lost track of Sylar’s character and screwed him up :/

I feel like the only person in this dormant fandom who actively worships the existance of Maya. I found her character extremely interesting, determined, strong, and human to a fault - she was realistically plagued by guilt for taking lives by accident. While she got what she wanted, I do wish that she instead learnt to control her ability to the point of selectively affecting those around her. And a short little revenge arc - fruitless or otherwise - after Sylar would’ve been pretty nice, too.

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How many confessions do you get a day??

Right now I have 14 in the inbox and 5 in my queue. Sometimes I don’t get any in a day, and other times I get 3+.

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Sylar is such a good manipulator and liar, I keep forgetting he never actually loved Maya while she was positively enthralled by him. While I have doubts about them ever standing a chance at being *together*, I would’ve still loved to see how that would play out.

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Among the many things Angela Petrelli impresses me with is her varied romantic life, which seems to have included Charles Devaux, Kaito Nakamura, the obvious Arthur Petrelli, a possibly one sided and completely obvious dynamic with Linderman and Bob Bishop having a crush on her in their youth. I’m glad she’s presented as an actual person who has clearly had different expiriences, romantic or otherwise, rather than just a mom, wife and widow.

Everyone kind of seems to have forgotten about Caitlin. She wasn’t a favourite or anything but holy hell Peter - she’s trapped in a future that no longer exists! Is that not something to be worried about?