Janice is my least favorite character in the whole show. She only holds back Matt.

I really liked Sylar as the villian in season 1. But I feel like the show overused him and I got tired of seeing him keep coming back. It seemed as if the show had run out of ideas. Adam Monroe and Arthur Petrelli were great villians and had the potential to be more than the one season they were given.

I actually really liked Nathan and felt bad that his parents played him like a chess piece. I was glad when he started thinking for himself, even though he had some bad moments in the later seasons.

I honestly thought Heroes would’ve been perfect if it ended at season one. BUT, on the other hand ,I get so attached to favourite characters so I just sit there like “season two was so stupid I’m gonna rewatch it 7 times.”

I guess I do forgive Sylar, but that won’t stop me on my quest to shoot him in the dick.

Peter Petrelli saved my life, he gave me hope that I could be someone, help people, that I could be a hero. Heroes will always be more than a show to me, its a part of who I am.

After ‘Nathan’ died in volume 5 I really wanted Peter and Claire to go on a cross-country revenge road trip to kill Sylar. Preferably with a nail gun.

I will always ship Sylar with Mohinder.

I think more people need to acknowledge how attractive Rene (the haitian) is!