I don’t know how people could still like Nathan after what he did and hate Sylar.

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Honestly I thought Maya’s character was pointless beyond getting Sylar to New York. She didn’t offer anything else.

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Confessions have been reopened!!

Sorry for the unexpectedly long hiatus. I’ve just been a bit busy. Queueing confessions now and I’ll open up the ask for new ones when I’m done with those in my ask.

Again, really sorry guys. 

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I feel like the only person who doesn’t ship Claire with anyone.

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At least for a few days until I clear out my inbox. I just have so many.

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I don’t really ship Sylar/Claire, but I think that they would end up together because they’re both immortal.

Noah was almost as bad/ as bad as Sylar. He ruined innocent peoples lives and kidnapped them and ran tests on them.

Season 2 was much a disappointment.

I feel like the writers lost track of Sylar’s character and screwed him up :/